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Our Clan Description: We started playing diablo because, well lets face it... diablo is the shiznit! But while we were playing we decided that it has become increasingly difficult to find people to play with who aren't hacked and won't kill you the first chance they get. So to solve this problem we created this clan. It is full of people who like to play the game together and dont hack their characters.

This clan was founded by Andy Curtis and John Reich (of the 3rd reich) in order to create a more perfect union, of the people for the people, and by the people. In short, I have a dream that one day god mode will no longer exist on the and players can play the game and duel with out fear, because the only thing we have to fear is fear itself! Plus John sux at Diablo. :)

Our mission is to bring the world of diablo one step closer to a juggalo nation.